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Patient Zero

The Fusion Gate command is prompted to help retrieve patient data in a bunker.

The problem:

the patients of the medical research bunker have turned into bloodthirsty zombies.

Your mission:

penetrate the secret research bunker, download the data from a PC that contains information about the virus, and protect yourself and your teammates from the attacking zombie horde.

Patient Zero is ideal for shooters and action fans, zombie lovers and team events.


It's the right mission for you?
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  • Genre

  • Players

  • Duration

  • Available weapons
    Freely selectable weapons with recoil (sniper, shotgun, mini machine gun, machine gun or chainsaw)

Other available missions

Shooter 3-5

The Lost City

After the failed attempt to stop the zombies, we lost city after city to the undead. Will you be able to evacuate in time?

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Adventure 2-5

Temple of the Diamond Skull

While scanning an Earth-like planet, a large source of energy was discovered.

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PvP 4-6

Urban Assault

Two pairs of snipers collide on the roofs of a middle-eastern city at dusk.

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